False rez alarms irk locals

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By Julie Williamson

Angry Pitman Hall students were hauled out of their beds twice last Thursday night when a fire alarm was pulled around 2 a.m. and a heat sensor device was broken barely an hour later.

Housing manager Brian Muscat said the initial alarm had been pulled but was unsure about the second occurence. As of Monday, no answers were available.

After the first alarm was pulled, students shivered outside in their jammies for 20 minutes before being invited to wait in the cafeteria. After the alarms were reset close to 3 a.m., residents were allowed back to their rooms.

But not even half an hour later, the alarm sounded again after the heat sensor broke causing the situation to lose all humour.

Students were forced to wait more than an hour before being allowed back to their beds.

“I’m so tired I feel sick,” said first-year early-childhood education student Tina Baltare.

One resident remembered to grab his guitar after the second alarm and led a sing-along outside Pitman’s front doors.

“I don’t know what those people are so happy about,” said first-year journalism student Jasmine Tuffaha.

Following another wait of nearly 20 minutes, residents were again herded into the cafeteria where there was a television to watch and a place to rest one’s nodding head.

Students had time to visit nearby coffee shops and stores before they were given leave to return to their beds around 4:30 a.m.

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