Liberals gettin’ it on with students

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By Suleman Din

Freezing university tuition is possible, opposition leader Dalton McGuinty said last weekend.

“It can be done, but it involves making some choices about where money should be spent,” Ontario Liberal leader McGuinty said Saturday.

McGuinty was among provincial Liberals visiting a Pakistani function at the Royal York Hotel.

Health critic Gerrard Kennedy said stopping tuition hikes should be a priority.

“What we first have to do is freeze tuition,” said Kennedy. “Tomorrow’s economy is going to be a knowledge economy, which means that getting an education will be eve more important.”

Since the Harris government took office in 1995, tuition has risen 32 per cent.

“The Days of Action protest was a strong signal to tell us there’s something wrong and we’re going to have to devote attention to make it right,” McGuinty said.”

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