Dalton McGuinty. Photo: Sean Fitz-Gerald

Mcbitchin’ to McGuinty

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By Lucy Nersesian

Speak up Ryerson students, because Dalton McGuinty is rarin’ to listen.

McGuinty, provincial opposition leader, launched his Forum on Youth Opportunities last Tuesday, Jan. 27 before the Student Day of Action protest, at U of T’s Koffler Student Centre.

“We’ve got a crisis facing this province today,” said the Liberal leader.

“We’ve to got make sure young people find a place at the job table.”

McGuinty and MPP David Caplan, Liberal youth and training critic, plan to tour the province gathering opinions from high school and university students, and people working with young people.

The duo want to find out how to help solve the multitude of problems encountered by Ontario’s youth.

Angelo DeLuca, RyeSAC’s president, told McGuinty that student council had approached the provincial Conservative government on several occasions with ideas, and has been turned away.

McGuinty replied: “I wish you were alone being rejected by this government.

Unfortunately, this is the style of our government.”

McGuinty and Caplan are aware education and employment are high on the list of young people’s complaints.

But they’re optimistic their round table discussions with your will be successful.

Ryerson students get their chance at the table to chat with McGuinty and his entourage in March.

DeLuca said this forum gives students a glimmer of hope.

“At a time where we are not being heard, it’s great to hear that we’re a priority,” he said.

But Ted Salgado, president of U of T’s Students’ Administrative Council, said: “It’s all talk for now. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

Recommendations from these discussions will be included in the next Liberal election platform.

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