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By Rob Granatstein

This is a week when you have to be proud to be a Canadian.

Elvis Stojko skated his heart out with a torn groin muscle. Team Canada beat those dastardly Americans in men’s hockey. And Ross Rebaglati hung out with the doob-y brothers and was able to keep his gold medal.

We’ve also seen the courage of Danielle Goyette, playing for the Canadian women’s hockey team even though her father died just before the start of the games — then having an American mock her about his death.

Bloody Yanks.

And for a change, this is also a week you can be proud to be a Ryerson student.

For once we can be thrilled to say we go to the same school as a Ryerson athlete.

That athlete is Marie Claire Ross. She has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be a superstar swimmer against her competition at Ontario universities.

Ross, who is legally blind, dazzled the world with her exploits at the 1996 Special Olympics, winning two gold medals while setting two world records.

Last weekend she claimed silver and bronze, while setting four unofficial world records for visually impaired swimmers.

She is also a soft-spoken, classy and humble star. And she keeps getting better.

Rarely does The Eyeopener become a booster club for anyone or anything, but the Marie Claire Ross fanclub starts here.

Kick some butt at the CIAU Nationals, Marie Claire.


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