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By Deborah Gardner

RyeSAC VP education candidates Owen Ferguson and Erin George are both campaigning for tuition freezes, but can’t agree on how to go about it.

Ferguson, a first-year journalism student, wants to start a tuition strike if fees go up again.

“I think the only way to get administration to listen to us is to hit them where it hurts,” Ferguson said.

“Even just the threat of [a tuition strike] would make the administration worry a whole lot — enough to bring them to the bargaining table.”

George, a third-year journalism student and RyeSAC’s women’s issues commissioner, doesn’t have a high opinion of Ferguson’s tuition strike idea.

“It would be academic suicide,” she said.

If such a thing were done, George said it would have to be organized provincially or nationwide through the Canadian Federation of Students, and not just at Ryerson.

Tuition fees aside, Ferguson would also like more accountability within the school. He wants to revamp the way professors are reviewed.

George is campaigning to make students more aware of what is happening outside the school in the various levels of government.

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