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Show them the money

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By Deborah Gardner

The three RyeSAC VP finance and development candidates disagree on one key issue — a student centre.

Michael Coburn, a third-year business management student, thinks a new student centre is a waste of money.

“I don’t think it’s justified to go out and spend all that money,” said Coburn. “If you can’t afford tuition, why would you want to sit in another student centre.”

Coburn wants the money already set aside for the student centre, which he said would only cover a small portion of it, used towards student services.

Steve Cornwell, a third-year urban planning student, will support a new student centre if students do.

“I wouldn’t want to push it ahead without the consent of students,” he said.

Vladimir Vasilko, a second-year industrial engineering student, is gung ho on a student centre, but would try to fund it through corporate sponsorships.

In other money areas, Coburn wants the TTC to offer students discounted TTC Metropasses, giving the current yearly Metropass price of $76 a month on an 8-month basis.

He also wants to work with Ryerson administration to help freeze tuition.

Cornwell wants to revamp the student health plan so students opt in instead of opting out. “It seems like a lot of money for what we’re getting out of it.”

Cornwell also wants to provide students with more grants and bursaries, possibly approaching the private sector and alumni for donations.


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