Stats for high school brats

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By Frank Pingue

By next year, post-secondary institutions will be required to provide students with statistics on job prospects after graduation.

This will provide high school students with a guide to help them decide which school and program to invest their money into.

The new plan will rid the myth that a university education is not relevant when looking for a job after graduating, said David Scott of the Council of Ontario Universities.

Ryerson expects to present potential students with solid job figures.

Job opportunities for Ryerson graduates are improving, according to Aino Lokk, an employment counsellor at Ryerson’s career centre.

“The number of companies booking space at Ryerson has definitely picked up over the past few years,” she said. “This definitely means a change for the better in the labor market.”

Although the job market looks good, Lokk feels students are not prepared for their job searches.

“Students have to market themselves to the employers and that means having proper cover letters and resumes,” said Lokk.

She urges students to be prepared for the work force. She said it’s never too early to start preparing for a career search.

“The sooner you start looking for jobs the better off you are. You should also have an idea of the general type of work you want to do by the time you enter your final year.”

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