Talkin’ ’bout change

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By Caroline Alphonso

Students will spared from crushing tuition hikes if the Ontario NDP is elected, vows the party’s leader.

“We believe in a post-secondary education that does not mortgage out students,” said Howard Hampton, while distributing copies of the first in a series of Dialogue for Change discussion papers last Thursday.

Speaking over the voices of children outside in the playground, at the public school his three-year-old daughter will attend next fall, Hampton said the paper focuses on revamping the public education system.

The paper outlines questions citizens must be asking themselves if the system is to be reshaped.

Hampton dodges questions of how his government will attack the Conservatives and try to stop tuition hikes. He said businesses should get involved in post-secondary education.

“Businesses say they need more out of our post-secondary education system, but invest nothing,” said Hampton. “We need their commitment.”

“But without the support from the federal and provincial governments, that commitment is just window dressing.”

Other documents to follow in the series will focus on health care, the environment and jobs.


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