Wily Willie’s antics wouldn’t waggle at Ryerson

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By Thien Huynh

If Bill Clinton was at Ryerson, his ass-chasing ways wouldn’t get him chased off campus.

While the U.S. president is trouble over his alleged sexual exploits, a harasser at Ryerson would only be slapped with a lecture and warning.

Sexual scandals can occur in any setting, be it the Oval Office or the RyeSAC office, said Antonella Ceddia, in investigator in Ryerson’s harassment prevention services.

“The issue is if it is consensual. There’s also the issue of power.”

Ryerson’s department of equity, harassment and safety services said few cases of sexual impropriety have been reported.

Every complaint warrants an investigation into the lewd details.

If the truth bares evidence of harassment, the accused is sent information on why it is wrong to harass someone.

If the problem persists, a meeting of the two parties is arranged so they can “talk about it openly.”

Ceddia estimates 97 per cent of cases are resolved informally.

If the accused is found guilty, the worst that can happen is having to write a non-suggestive letter of apology. As well, a warning is put in the accused’s file about his or her provocative misdemeanors.

If you were secretly yearning to get extra lessons from your prof, of the non-academic type, it is permissible under Ryerson policy.

Thus far though, no Monica Lewinskys have been causing scandal at Rye.

Staff and students are torn in their opinions of the Clinton affair.

Dave Gazel, a second-year administration and information management student, said: “I’m glad that he’s getting some. If you have the power use it.”

Janet Mays, of safety services, is furious at Clinton.

“I’ve had it with God damn Clinton. I wish he’d keep his pants up and stay out of our lives.”

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