Course is shagadelic

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By Irene Papakonstantinou

Every year at course selection time, students get moist with anticipation at the thought of getting into Ryerson’s most popular liberal course.

Students erect lines at records and registration to sign up to get hot and bothered in PHL 606, The Philosophy of Sex and Love.

“I guess the popularity comes from the suggestive title of the course,” said Andrew Hunter, one of the professors teaching the semester-long upper level class.

This year, about 220 students in four sections will be getting some PHL 606. But between 600 and 700 students won’t be getting any next year.

“We would make more sections, but it seems that there would never be enough to keep up with the demand, so we chose to have four,” said James Dianda, head of philosophy at Ryerson.

The course is so hot, students have to work long and hard to get in. They must deviate from the regular practice and fill out a separate sheet to give to records and registration.

Sabrina Conti, a second-year graphic communications management student, said she’s taking the course because, “I would like to know other philosophies about sex and love other than the modern one.”

Those of you who were lying around and missed this year’s March 17 deadline can still get some PHL 606 through continuing education.

Hunter said students who do slip in should be ready for some satisfying work.

“Students often find the material isn’t what they thought it would be like,” said Hunter. “The reading is quite challenging, and the workload is pretty much equivalent to other upper level courses.”

Sometimes, love hurts.

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