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By Rob Granatstein

It is time for the cowards to show their faces.

Since early October, one or more lame-assed pansies have been throwing out Eyeopener newspapers on a weekly basis.

A lot of papers — close to 1,000 every Thursday.

It’s always from the same spot, north-east Kerr Hall, but Church and Gerrard Sts., in the engineering wing.

Since the first papers were thrown out — around the time engineering student Manish Odhavji was gunned down by the cops — more than 14,000 papers have been tossed. Our newspaper stand even ended up in the shrubs outside Kerr Hall one day.


Do you wimps have a problem with The Eyeopener? Did we do something to piss you off?

If we did, write us a letter saying so. If you’re grammatically challenged, come talk to us. Let us known. Don’t hide begin weak-kneed vandalism. This is the reaction of a four-year-old, not a university student.

We can jump on our high horse and claim it is censorship and demand freedom of the press and all that moral crap, but we won’t.

All we want is for you asshokes to show your faces. We promise to disregard the fact that by throwing out more than 14,000 papers you have cost us — and all students who fund this paper — thousands of dollars, annoyed us to no end and made yourself look like jackasses.

We just want to know hwy. We want it to stop.

Be a man (or woman), not a wimp. Can you handle that?


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