Might as well Jump

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Hundreds of Van Halen fans “Jump”-ed into line Monday night at Sam the Record Man by Ryerson, for a chance to buy a copy of the band’s new album, “Van Halen III,” at a special midnight offering.

Those “Human Being” who dropped $20 for the new disc at the special sale got a wristband, putting them at the front of the line for today’s autograph session with the band at Sam’s.

As they waited in line, the fans sang, they hollered, they froze their asses off.

The record store — turned “Cathedral” — had the dedicated fans line up on their “drop dead legs” waiting to move on the “happy trails” for the opportunity to meet the band “right now.”

A quick message to Van Halen from all the fans who went out of their way to line up in the cold: “Finish what you started.”

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