We’ll believe it when we see cash

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By Rob Granatstein

Toronto city council made a new discovery on Wednesday — and it’s called Ryerson.

For the first time anyone can remember, a toronto politician, Kyle Rae in this case, showed up at our university and talked about this school receiving money from the municipal government.

Rae said Ryerson should get about $2 million to help with the building of the campus centre.

Well it’s about time.

Every time we look around, the University of Toronto is having a couple mil’ dumped into their pockets, while us, the poor cousins in the city, watch, drool, and get nothing.

But before we run out to cast our votes in the next election, don’t forget Kyle Rae said we should.

Our giddiness should be tempered by the fact there was no guarantee of money. There was no guarantee of anything. There were only smiles, handshakes and typical politicking.

A multi-million dollar grant from the city would be a huge boost to a much-needed campus centre project and would reduce the number of years students would have to pay for the building.

By contributing $60 a year in a student centre fee, students would be adding about $780,000 to the project fund each year, if the fee is approved in next week’s referendum. A $2 million boost from Toronto would put funding almost four years ahead of schedule. Wow.

Of course now all we need is a yes vote in next week’s referendum.


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