An Eyeopener intern’s life blows mainly good

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By Luis Mejicano

Despite the low blow internships have taken this year thanks to Billy Clinton’s hormones I am proud to say that my placement experience at The Eyeopener was far different from Monica Lewinsky’s — and the rest of the interns at my school for that matter.

First and foremost, I did not engage in any type of sexual activity with my supervisor, main reason being he is a guy and so am I, enough said.

I’d also like to stress I did not clean any toilets, get coffee for anyone or spend the day answering the phone. What I did do was interview Ryerson students, copy edit stories, scan pictures, help produce the paper, play nerf basketball and thanks to my supervisor’s compassion, rest on the couch before my basketball games.

This internship program provided me with invaluable experience and answered common questions among high school students.

Perhaps the most shocking discovery I made while working at my placement is university is not just one big continuous orgy as high school myths would have it.

I also realized journalism appeals to me and I’m hoping to pursue a career as a journalist. Moreover, my placement has shown me a lot of the qualities that Ryerson possesses, which tend to be overlooked in the Maclean’s surveys.

Everybody here has been very tolerant and patient with me and I’d like to thank The Eyeopener staff for making my placement such a great one. I wish I could’ve had more time here.

Who knows maybe I will.

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