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Rye’s top protector

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By Graeme Smith

Jorgenson Hall is quiet at three in the morning. Silence hangs over empty corridors.

And when that silence is broken by even the smallest disturbance — when a mouse scurries through the doors without signing in — Intercon employee Sean Maynard, The Eyeopener’s security guard of the year, is there to keep the peace.

It’s a long night for Maynard, 28, whose shifts last 12 hours. The monotony is only broken by the occasional drunken gang of Eyeopener staffers whizzing by on wheelie chairs.

When Maynard heard he had been named security guard of the year, he was incredulous. “It’s a rare honour,” he said.

The award has special meaning for Maynard, who is one of those valuable people on campus who reads The Eyeopener. “I like the humorous side of it,” he said.

Not only does Maynard have a great sense of humour, he’s a single guy who likes long walks on the beach — “but not alone,” he adds.

His favourite colour is blue, and he likes cats. So it’s possible the key to his heart is a blue cat. Or not. Or maybe he’s just looking for someone special to protect. Whatever the case, Ryerson is safe in his hands.


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