Flood brings tidings of joy

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By Tracy Prysiazniuk

The flood that turned the basement of Ryerson’s interior design building into a waist-deep swimming pool two weeks ago was a “win-win situation,” according to the program chair George Verghese.

Verghese said one of the flood’s positive aspects was that it gave the school a reason to relocate its library of interior samples.

“The library will be more accessible to students upstairs,” said Verghese, who plans to have the move underway before the end of the semester.

At the time of the flood, third-year students had a project due the following week, which was to be presented to industry professionals. But the students came to school that weekend and faculty gave them extra commentary on their projects — help they wouldn’t have received had the flood not occured.

Students also had to become more independent and collect samples elsewhere, said Verghese, because the flooding from the cirt construction outside the Church Street building destroyed over two-thirds of the library’s carpet, fabric and plastic laminates samples.

“I went to Home Depot in London,” said third-year interior design student Anne Perlock, “You can’t find a Home Depot in downtown Toronto.”

Despite the rusted equipment, loss of samples and yet-to-be-determined damage costs, Verghese said the disaster wasn’t such a disaster after all.

“This turned out to be a positive coincidence.”

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