Liz Devine, Ryerson Centre president.

Group hordes cash for student centre

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By Natalie Alcoba

A 50-year-old Ryerson group has devoted much of its time to one purpose: creating a student centre.

The Ryerson Centre started saving in 1952. Its initial $9,000 has grown to $500,000, which is in the bank to contribute to the building.

“We are a campus organization whose mandate is to assist with the development of non-academic facilities to enhance the Ryerson community,” said Liz Devine, president of the Ryerson Centre.

Devine, who has been president for three years, represent the Ryerson Centre in the Student Campus Centre Committee.

She’s also manager of the Career Centre.

The university plans to go to the Board of Governors next semester for final approval of the student centre, said RyeSAC president Erin George.

The Ryerson Centre has participated in other on campus projects besides the student centre.

It funded the renovation of Oakham House in 1974 and then a few years ago put more money in to make the facility accessible to the disabled.

The group’s 24 members include students, alumni, faculty and staff.

The Ryerson Centre was originally part of the student union that started in 1952, until the predecessor to RyeSAC broke off in 1969.

RyeSAC started collecting student fees, and the Ryerson Centre, having changes its name, kept the union fund.

Its income is generated through investments with the union fund.

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