Striking cafeteria workers stand outside Jorgenson Hall. Photo: Johnathan Bjerg Moller

Strikers ask students for cafeteria boycott

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By Jonathan Bjerg Moller

Cafeteria employees from an Oshawa General Motors plant brought their strike to Ryerson on Tuesday.

They handed out leaflets and asked students to boycott campus food services.

The striking workers are employed by Aramark, the same company that runs Ryerson’s cafeterias, They decided to protest at other Aramark operations after GM won a court case injunction banning them from protesting outside their own location.

Strike manager Edith Pike said Aramark has not raised their wages since 1992. “They don’t treat their employees fairly,” she said.

But the manager of Ryerson’s Hub cafeteria, Dimitri Tombros, said the strike is inappropriate and hurts sales.

“What they’re doing is not legal,” Tombros said. “If I don’t get a raise, I don’t start kicking and screaming.”

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