Group to open labour rights centre

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By Rosanne Van Vlerzen

Ryerson could be the first campus in Canada to have an office devoted to working students’ rights.

A committee is trying to establish a working students’ centre to educate students about the labour movement.

“The centre will provide information to students and raise awareness of current workplace issues such as harassment and health and safety issues,” said Elise Gatti, a first-year urban planning student and chair of the committee working to implement the new centre.

The five-member committee, which has been meeting since November, also organized Ryerson’s union week, scheduling guest speakers to tell students about unions and workplace issues. The five-day fair runs until Friday.

For  now, the committee is working with RyeSAC to find a location. Wright said they’ve looked into rooms beside the Hub and in Oakham House, but other course unions and groups will get spots before the centre. Gatti just wants the centre in a visible and high traffic area, something that could happen if it becomes one of RyeSAC’s student services.

“If we do become a service with RyeSAC,” Gatti said. “We would have a stronger base and better funding.”

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