New awards to help poor students

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By Allan Woods

Ryerson and the province have rung up $3.49-million to put toward student aid.

Students in financial need are eligible for awards worth up to $1,500 through the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund.
The awards will be given out through the financial aid office and individual faculties.
Bruce Hurley, of the university advancement office, said awards have already been established for fashion and business students. Awards for other programs will be available beginning next September.

The provincial government set up the program in May, 1996. Universities solicited donations over a one-year period and the government marched them up to $1.62-million.

Ryerson raised $1.87-million—$250,000 more than the government’s cap—with a telemarketing campaign aimed at alumni and corporations.
The university will invest the combined fund of $3.49-million and use the interest on it to pay for the awards each year.

Donors specify the value of each award and the application criteria. The biggest bursary is worth $1,500, although most students will get $250 to $500.

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