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By Sarah Lysecki

Forget the pickup lines, nightclubs and Kama Sutra. If you want to meet your mate, wander into a Ryerson class where you’ll have ample pickings.

Sit back and enjoy the view in male-dominated programs such as computer science and engineering, where there’s about five guys for every girl. Or go on the prowl in early childhood education or fashion, where there’s about 12 girls for every guy.

Of course, not everyone’s looking to score with classmates. Third-year applied computer science student Joe COleman has a theory on why people aren’t lookin’ for lovin’. “You’re focusing on the program and getting the degree rather than on someone special,” says the 21-year-old bachelor.

Coleman says the “geek aura” that surrounds guys in his program may scare away potential partners.

There’s more that may be working against some people says first-year electrical engineering student Nigel Browne. “A lot of guys [in my program] look like they wouldn’t even know what sex is.”

Browne, who is in a relationship, says the girls in engineering aren’t his type anyway—they’re bookworms, not social butterflies.

At least he has some choice. Third-year early childhood education student Tine Baltare is part of the 97 per cent female majority program.

She says her chance of hunk-watching in ECE are almost zero.

“We need more cute guys.”

Fashion is also dominated by women—92.2 per cent of the students in the program are female. But third-year fashion student Kelly Murray says she doesn’t mind. “It’s kind of hard to pick up at this point, because we’re all friends.”

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