Board muzzles member

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By Kevin Ritchie

A motion to silence a RyeSAC board of directors member passed 10 to four at the Feb. 16 board meeting.

Academic council representative Peter Tretter was censured for leaking a confidential letter written to president Erin George by him and seven other board members to the campus press.

He didn’t have permission from the other co-authors to release the letter, which criticized George’s job performance.

“That is fraud, disrespectful and damaging to those people [who wrote the letter],” board member Rob Haines told the meeting. “You no longer have the respect and confidence of the students.”

The censure means Tretter cannot publicly about the issues raised in the letter.

“{Censure] is not as severe as impeachment.” Frank Cappadocia, a chair of the board said. “It’s an in-between measure that doesn’t want to take that drastic step.”

Tretter apologized to the board members he angered, but stood by his decision to release the letter.

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