Student nominations extended

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By Tracey Tong

Student positions on Ryerson’s academic council are up for grabs, but students may not know it.

Odelia Bay, RyeSAC’s v.p. education-elect , says students don’t know the positions are available because Ryerson’s administration hasn’t advertised the positions very effectively. So academic council secretary Kathleen Kwan has extended the deadline for nominations until March 15.

“The students were aware of the deadlines,” Kwan said. “But I wanted to be certain that all students were aware and had enough time to prepare.”

Kwan said it is up to the dean of each department to post the information she sends them about elections.

There are 15 student positions available on academic council—the board that makes all decisions regarding academics at Ryerson—representing all the university’s faculties, continuing education and RyeSAC.

Kwan said there were no problems in previous elections.

“In the past, positions were claimed as a vacancy came up,” Kwan said. “If you really wanted the position, chances are you’d get it.”

Kwan said in the one-and-a-half years she’s worked on the council, she’s never heard students complain about the way elections are run.

The March 21 elections won’t have any polling stations. Students will have to vote at their department offices.

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