Wycik residents to vote on rent hike

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By Wojtek Dabrowski

Neill-Wycik residents are being asked to accept a $10-a-month rent hike to pay for repairs to the co-operative college.

Residents who attend the co-op’s annual general meeting Wednesday will be able to vote on the motion to raise monthly fees for each member. The raise would generate $300,000 for repairs to the 30-year-old east wall of the building.

“There’s some capital expenses coming up in the future,” Wycik president Adam Becker said.
Some of the nearly 400 Ryerson students who live in the co-op don’t seem too upset about the potential rent hike.
“The building needs repairs,” Rena Singh, a second-year business student, said. “And anyway, it’s a great location and cheaper than anywhere else around.”

Neill-Wycik maintenance head Bill Perri said over the years water has penetrated through the east wall causing brick damage and the wall will crumble if it is not repaired.

Wycik general manager Peter Allen said the repairs will be done by the end of May.
“The  building will be ready to receive students in September, as usual,” he said.
The rent increase will also pay for laundry room repairs, periodic bug spraying and freshly painted stairwells.


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