Sociology prof Murray Pomerance next to a portrait of friend and mentor Leslie Fiedler. His ranking in a Now magazine poll was a complete shock to him. Photo: Tracey Tong

Rye professor second best in city

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By Tracey Tong

When sociology professor Murray Pomerance found out that he was voted the second best professor in Toronto by Now magazine, his reaction was a modest one.

“I consider myself the second best prof, ot one of the best,” said Pomerance, who’s been teaching at Ryerson since 1976. “I think that it’s wonderful for Ryerson. It’s great for a downtown university to cop this title.”

The announcement came as a shock to Pomerance.

He said was contacted by people from Now magazine who told him he was nominated as one of the top instructors in the city, and they asked if his name could be included in a list of candidates.

The results were published in the Best of Toronto Readers Poll in the Nov. 17 issue of the weekly paper.

He finished second behind Judith Rudakoff, a theatre professor from York University.

Pomerance, who is known for his eccentricities in the classroom, also writes fiction and non-fiction books which he describes as “bizarre, experimental, linguistic and dreamy.”

“It’s great news for the department and it’s great news for Murray,” said fellow sociology professor Bob Argue, who notes that the results were more of a popularity contest than a scientific survey.

Pomerance came to Ryerson 24 years ago after attending the University of Michigan and the State University of New York at Buffalo.


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