Resignations spark fear

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By Siri Agrell

Last week’s resignation of yet another access Centre disability councillor has added fuel to a fire that student services administration hopes to extinguish at a meeting this coming Friday.

Last week, Ilonka Van Steenwyk resigned from the centre after her contract wasn’t renewed, bringing the number of people who have resigned to three since last August. The other two, Stacey Whyne Berman and Linda Lyns, said they left because of deteriorating leadership and services.

Fourth-year social work student Leonard Molczadski requested the meeting because he’s worried the centre’s services are declining.

He said he’s concerned by the centre’s switch to computer-based support for students with learning disabilities because there will only be one full-time counsellor to assist students as a result of it.

“I want to be assured that the quality of service that I had is going to be there for others,” he said. “And right now, it’s definitely going downhill.”

But Marion Creery, director of student services, says the Access Centre is simply trying to improve and focus the service it provides.

In the last few years, students have been requesting additional computer assistance,” she said. “We’re simply responding to the need that have been identified by students. “ Creery said the recent concern about the Access Centre is unwarranted.

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