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By Eric Emin Wood

The Ryerson community has not been lacking sources of artistic entertainment lately, but one medium that has been notably absent is movies.

Live theatre, the spoken word, and overseas animation are all well and good, but what about pre-filmed live action? A new club at Ryerson, MovieMongers, hopes to reverse the motion picture’s exclusion.

“We started this group because watching movies is something both of us enjoy very much,” says Tibby Veres, 20, a second-year Business Management student and the club’s director.

“We hoped to share our thoughts and opinions with other’s thoughts and opinions. [A club] is also a good way to network and get people together for social time.”

The Movie Mongers will get people together to enjoy a good televison show or film (which can be any genre), and then discuss it afterwards.

For example, Veres says if the group were to get together and watch The Matrix, they would sit down and watch all three parts back-to-back, then discuss what goes on, exchange ideas, discuss themes, and talk about the characters.

website allows people to send in their preferences (genre or movie), and if there’s a high demand for one film or genre, that movie or, type of movies will be selected and shown.

Veres and Luisa Meogrossi, the club’s producer (who is also a second-year business student) have not yet established any meeting dates or times.

However, they say, this will change soon and everyone can be kept up to date by checking out their website, or keeping an eye on their posters around campus.

The movies will be shown at either a local theatre or in an on-campus lecture hall on a big-screen TV or movie projector. Or, as the executives said in an e-mail: 1. get a tape; 2. get a T.V.; 3. get a VCR; 4. plug them in together;5. watch.

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