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Surely the answer is ‘business’

Of all the options to choose from, this is it. There’s no doubt in your mind that the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) will be where to find Lachemi and complete your noble goal. As you turn onto Yonge Street and smell that smelly smell that smells, you see your first test before you. You know you must find an informant to help you along in the right direction and now there are two individuals who capture your attention.

Across the street, you see a man who could be 55 or 197 in a bright orange jacket, his warm smile infectious as passersby attempt to ignore his loud calls of “BELIEVE.” He holds out some sort of pamphlet, absolutely oozing with mystery. Could this be the informant you seek?

Parallel to this, you see an artist at work. A woman stares down anyone walking by in the intimidating costume of a cooked pig—what locals call “bacon.” In her hand, a long list of discounts on rich breakfasts. Perhaps your information will be revealed over a healthy serving of pancakes?

Who do you approach?

Talk to the Bacon Lady

Talk to the believe guy

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