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By John Mather

Sports Editor

Men’s Volleyball By far Ryerson’s best, and likely only, hope to bring home an OUA championship this year, the men’s volleyball team has played up to expectations.

The one exception is its only regular season loss to McMaster in December. Here’s what is on the guys’ list for 2006: ” Keep individual egos in check. “The only thing that can stop us is ourselves,” said middle Matt Fugard. Last year, competition amongst players and internal differences played a role in the team’s playoff loss to York. ”

Win it all. That’s what head coach Mirek Porosa expects: “The bar is set very high for this team.” Porosa said if the team can win crucial divisional games against Western, Queen’s and McMaster they can ride the momentum into the playoffs. ”

Stay injury-free. Despite having depth in the roster, injuries could dismantle Porosa’s kill-machine. ”

Keep up the quality recruitment. It’s still in the air whether team all-star Ryan “Snake” Vandenburg will return next year, but most of the current squad will be around for 2006-2007. After that though, this year’s rookies and next year’s recruits will have to step up.

Hockey ResultsHockey Thursday, Jan. 5 Toronto 3 @ Ryerson 2 (OT) Saturday, Jan 7 Ryerson 2 @ Toronto 4 The guys take a road trip to Kingston this weekend to take on Queen’s (16-5) and RMC (16-5).


January 4-6 Women win gold at Queen’s Invitational Tournament: Ryerson 3 (29-27, 25-10, 25-15) @ Queen’s 0 Friday to Sunday, Jan. 6-8 Men win bronze at York’s Killer Instinct Excalibur Men’s Volleyball Classic: Ryerson 3 (25-21, 25-21, 25-23) @ Queens 1 (22-25) Thursday, Jan 12 Women @ York, 6 p.m. Men @ York, 8 p.m. Saturday Jan. 14 Ottawa @ Women, 2 p.m. Western @ Men, 4 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 15 Windsor @ Men, 2 p.m.









Men’s Basketball

Nobody doubts that the 2-8 men’s basketball team has the talent to win more games and if they keep these resolutions, the young roster might live up to potential:

Play the whole game, not just some quarters.

Centre Igor Bakovic aims for 11 rebounds and 14 points per game. Coach Glenn Taylor said Bakovic’s original goal was 10 points and boards; he is ready to aim higher. ”

Improve free-throw average to 80 per cent. The current average, Taylor said, is 68 per cent, “which is horrible.”

Reduce turnover average to 12 per game from 13.5.

Take one game at a time. “You need to feel you can win every game your in,” said Taylor.

Women’s Basketball

The women’s basketball team finished 2005 with two wins and improved their record to 3-6. They have since dropped to 3-8.

Coach Sandra Pothier offered some rebound resolutions:

Improve mental focus. If the women’s heads aren’t in the game for the full 60 minutes then they will keep racking up losses. Veteran players need to step into leadership roles.

Finish shots. This, said Pothier, can be accomplished with more confidence, something she believes the team will develop.

Plug holes. Starters Justine Navarro and Stephanie Nelson graduate next year. Pothier said she’s actively recruiting a 6’3″ athlete to fill in on the post.

Men’s Hockey

At the beginning of the season head coach Mick Mitrovic offered his job as a sacrifice if the men’s hockey team didn’t make the playoffs. They are currently 0-12-1.

Other than prayer here are a couple of options:

Work harder in practice. Winger Chris Sutton said the team needs to focus between games so they can perform when the puck drops.

Don’t take stupid penalites. Simple enough.

Look to next year. A new batch of rookies should put pressure on this year’s freshmen to improve their game or be delegated to the stands.

Just try to get a couple of wins.

Women’s Volleyball

Losing Lily Markovic after the first game of the preseason set the tone for the first half of the women’s volleyball season.

The team rebounded last week earning gold at the Queen’s Invitational Tournament and getting a head start on their 2006 resolutions:

Stick to the game plan. With new head coach Bob Cholette came a new system and it has finally started to click.

Support the strong hitters. The new system is designed for them, so let them hit.

Beat divisional teams. The women need to win against Queen’s, Western, RMC, and Lakehead to move up the standings and put themselves in playoff contention.

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