Frosh 2009: Give up the Hub grub

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One of the big bonuses of living in residence is that all of your food is made for you. For others who want to explore and remove the anxiety of swiping your One Card faster than a fashionista on a shopping spree, the Eyeopener has whipped up a few basic recipes to curb the number of times you spend eating out.

Frosh 2009: Turn your dungeon into a bitchin’ boudoir

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The first time you walk into your room, you smell freedom. Finally, a space to call your own with a view of Toronto from your window. But then, after the first night you start to notice the little things. The concrete walls are cold and cramped. The carpeting is stiff and the mattress is lumpy. You will become desperate for the comfortable touches of home. Here are some tactics to transform your living space.

Frosh 2009: The purple man group

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Engineering rituals are a part of Ryerson’s frosh week that has most of campus mystified. Staff and faculty largely ignore the raucous chants coming from the bluecoverall- clad mass. Students ogle the purple-skinned bodies travelling the Quad like massive smurfs.

But why purple? Stephen Schauer, president of the Ryerson Engineering Student Society (RESS), knows only a few legends explaining how the national engineering colour came to be.