Characters on the TTC

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By Amanda Cupido

Riding the TTC is a sketchy journey. As you approach the platform, you’ll notice the odd colour of the tiles, the occasional mold and of course, the people.


They wear creeper clothing and lurk on the subway at all times. Many blurt out random words through yellowed teeth. Some will insist you are a nurse, touch your leg and wink at you. True story.


These characters often look lost and can be found hovering around a map. They are usually found on weekends and frequently ask which direction they’re travelling in. They are also obsessed with taking pictures of the subway — before, during and after their ride. So embarrassing.

Inconsiderate Pricks

They take up two seats when the subway’s packed or block the doors when you’re exiting the train. If confronted, they’ll shoot dirty looks. The music blasting from their phones overpowers your iPod, creating a horrible music jumble.

Cell Phone Addicts

As soon as there’s reception, the cell phone addicts know. They need to text whenever possible during the ride. Even when there is no reception, they can be seen staring at their screen. Are they re-reading e-mails? Preparing future texts? So many questions we will never have answers to…

Gossip Girls

The people who have conversations for the whole subway car to hear. By the time they get off the subway, you know who slept with whom last night and when their next hair appointment is. You didn’t want to snoop but you’re secretly intrigued and you eavesdrop for as long as possible.


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