Frosh 2009: Turn your dungeon into a bitchin’ boudoir

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By Amanda Cupido

The first time you walk into your room, you smell freedom. Finally, a space to call your own with a view of Toronto from your window. But then, after the first night you start to notice the little things. The concrete walls are cold and cramped. The carpeting is stiff and the mattress is lumpy. You will become desperate for the comfortable touches of home. Here are some tactics to transform your living space.

Rugged floors

Add some colour to the dull floor by purchasing a small rug with colours other than that brutal grey. You can pick up a cheap one from the dollar store and it will surprisingly brighten the room. You can choose its location depending on your mood. In front of the door if you feel welcoming, beside your bed if you want a good morning after.

Take the “bored” out of corkboard

Add a piece of fabric to your corkboard using staples. Cover the entire board and create the feeling of another window or peg your notes and photos on top of the fabric to have a colourful background.

Deck the dorm

Purchase some Christmas lights and use clear tape to put them up around your room. It adds a warm glow and, if your main light bulb burns out, you won’t be stuck in the dark as you wait for maintenance.

Come out of the closet

Pick up some paint chips from the Canadian Tire and use them to decorate your closet doors. Stick to a certain shade or put up the entire rainbow.

Lucky enough to live in the ILLC?

Take a bar of soap and use it to decorate your bathroom mirror. Using it like a marker, you can draw pictures or write reminders. It washes off with ease and smells nice!


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