Frosh 2009: Get some shut eye at Rye

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By Aleysha Haniff

After rushing around to 8 a.m. classes and pulling all-nighters, you’re going to need a nap. But if you commute to Ryerson you need to scope out the best places to catch some shut-eye to make the most of those annoying breaks between classes. Luckily the Eyeopener’s done the work for you, wandering campus in search of the best places to sleep.

Across from Student Services in Podium building

This area features cushy seats perfect for cuddling or sprawling. It’s also quieter than the ever popular seating area outside the Hub. If you face the window, you can even put your feet up on the wooden bench built into the wall.

Second floor bridge between Jorgenson Hall and Kerr Hall North

Everyone knows it’s a great napping spot, but somehow it’s never crowded. Avoid the ridiculously retro plastic seats and stretch out on the burgundy padded benches. It can get super warm and bright because of the windows, so try not to nap there between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Eric Palin Hall, second floor

Across from the bathrooms is a seating area with one wonderful secret: a burgundy office chair. Though beat-up and probably abandoned, it makes a comfy napping spot. Move the chair to face one of those tan benches and stretch your tired legs out.

That patch of grass between the Rogers Communication Centre and the Architecture building

It’s less crowded than the Quad and prettier to boot. Just look out for Pitman kids throwing Frisbees.

By the interior entrance to Oakham House in the Student Campus Centre

An actual couch, almost as good as the one at home. Need we say more?

Level 5, Stairwell 2 in the Victoria Building

Some kind soul left a comfy blue chair in the corner of this quiet stairwell. Since most people take the elevator if they’re going more than a few floors up, you’re guaranteed a little bit of privacy.


Technically, you’re not allowed to sleep on campus and Ryerson security has a tendency to rouse slumbering students.

To avoid an abrupt awakening, try sleeping with a buddy nearby to keep an eye on you and your possessions – it’s worked for me so far.

If you’re snoozing solo, stick your earphones in, put a book on your lap and face the window. And try not to snore.


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