In defence of Rob Ford

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By Brad Whitehouse
Associate News Editor

Loud, red-faced and brash, Rob Ford is the mayoral candidate many Torontonians love to hate. He’s been criticized for opposing bike lanes and streetcars and some just find him downright crass. Yet, he lead the polls in recent weeks, and for some Ryerson students he’s the candidate that they plan to vote for not in spite of, but because of his roughneck persona.

“He’s a pretty edgy guy. He speaks his mind. I think it’s about time the city had something like that,” said Solomon Gill, a second-year nursing student.

He admitted that a vote for Ford is a dicey decision, but said he would put his check next to the conservative’s name on his ballot next week.

“I think I’d go with the risk of voting for him,” he said. “It would be a cool change. He seems like a cool guy.”

Carol-Anne Fraser, another second-year nursing student, said she agrees with Ford’s ideas, but couldn’t think of any of his policies as an example.

“I haven’t really taken responsibility to look into stuff myself,” she said.

What she does know is that he’s bold, and regardless of her knowledge on his political platform, she said that’s something she can get behind.

“He’s willing to not care what people say,” she said.

But for some students, Ford’s brazen comments are just a lot of hot air.

“I personally don’t understand why he’s receiving all the support,” said Rabeea Siddique, a second-year psychology student. As a commuter, she says she can’t support a candidate who wants to cut back the public transit that gets her to class everyday.

The Ryerson Students’ Union used Ford’s controversial quote, “Multiculturalism is not my priority”, on posters for a panel discussion hosted by Students Against Racism.

But while some voters see Ford as a political bully, his supporters say that he is the one getting picked on by media.

“It’s an easy target for them. It’s easy to make fun of someone because they’re fat,” said Stefano Agostini, a third-year business student.

“At the same time, Smitherman has his own problems. He had a five-year drug addiction. I don’t hear people talking about that.”

And Agostini said he doesn’t care if Ford is likable or not. He likes the that Ford is blunt and doesn’t mince words

“I don’t care about his personality as long as he’s saving money for the city.”


  1. Good article. I’m glad that I’m not correct in my assumption that almost all young people hate Ford. I think he’d really shake things up for the city. GOODBYE Mr. Miller.

  2. It’s great to see students getting involved and stating their opions. But just to set the record straight, Rob Ford is not going into this to slash, cut, and pick fights with unionized workers. He is out to represent you and your taxpaying dollars and MANAGE the money.
    After George Smitherman was questioned about attending Kyle Raes retirement party at a cost to you of $12,000 dollars he went on to state the he and his staff didn’t have any drinks or food.
    It’s not the point. Mr. Smitherman attended the party, therefore supports it.
    That $12,000 could have helped any number of people. Perhaps a womens shelter or a food bank. But no, let’s throw a party with 12K of taxpayers money so one can pat themselves on the back.
    Thanks for listening.

  3. I dearly hope for the sake of our beautiful city that Rob Ford is not elected. Personality shouldn’t be a deciding factor in who you vote for, their stance on the major issues should. This seems obvious, but at the same time people say things like, “I’ll vote for Ford, he seems like a cool guy”. Ford doesn’t stand to improve the city. Streetcars are a part of what makes this city beautiful, cutting them out would be ridiculous. Not to mention the city has already put forth 400 million on a new fleet set for ’13. Please think before you vote, people. You owe it to your city.

  4. What does this article accomplish? Nothing. A very weak argument in support of an anti-human candidate. How can you oppose bike lanes?

  5. This man is no politician. Speaks his opinion? Yes, like a child:

    He does have a few decent platform points (cutting costs,etc.) but for the most part is unprofessional, rude, and not very well-spoken (contrary to what many seem to believe). Heck, he barely even knows what the budget or costs are!

  6. Kudos to the Eyeopener to providing balanced viewpoints rather than solely promoting the usual leftist RSU agenda.

    Mr Ford is no intellect and is scarcely qualified for the job of Mayor. Nevertheless it is clear that he was voted in as a big F$#k You to the current tax-grabbing, overspending, pro-union, bourgeois socialist establishment.

  7. It’s always amazing to me how working and middle class people can identify with a rich guy who claims to represent their interests while promising to cut city services and correct “wasteful” spending at City Hall. Give your heads a shake and get the facts. This city can not be run on property taxes alone; especially with additional downloaded costs from the Harris regime of the 1990’s. No surprise that Mike Harris was front row centre at Ford’s victory party. Miller was an inclusive politician and a city builder:Ford will push for privatization and a pro-business agenda while the city deteriorates from neglect. Not good for social cohesion…probably very good if you have rich parents. Open your eyes. Ford is for the rich and the ultra conservative. He will never represent the common good.

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