IMA cat finds a home

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By Colleen Marasigan

The new Image Arts building has been open less than a month but it has already been invaded by a feline stranger.

When Mindy Wiltshire-Gibson, a processing and facilities technician, came in to help clean out the building, she was excited to see the new layout. But she never expected the floor plans would include a cat.

Wiltshire-Gibson had spotted a set of grey and white hind legs behind a studio wall when she walked into the sound stage.

Despite her efforts to lure him out, the cat continued to hide.

“Because some walls are not completely closed, [the cat] was able to get inside one of them,” said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy. “However, he was not trapped, he just wouldn’t come out when people were around.”

The Toronto Cat Rescue was contacted and the local organization promised a cheap deal for the cat’s veterinary visit if caught.

Wiltshire-Gibson’s manager, operations manager Janice Carbert, provided a humane raccoon trap that was used to capture the cat.

“We were all a bit surprised,” Wiltshire-Gibson said. “It was lovely to see how warm and supportive many of the faculty and staff where toward this little stowaway.”

The program chair, Alex Anderson, along with other members of the staff and faculty, donated money, toys and supplies.

The two-year old gray tabby has since been neutered, which cost $120.

Wiltshire-Gibson has named him Mr. Ima Flug, after the Scheimpflug principle that is taught in the Image Arts program.

While he recuperates from his injuries, Mr. Flug will be staying in her powder room until a permanent home can be found.

“I think we’ll be able to find a home for him. I got a couple people who might be interested.”


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