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What is love? (Baby, please hurt me)

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This year, the Eyeopener’s annual Love and Sex Survey asked you what you do in the bedroom to keep things kinky, how far you’d go to experiment with a partner and what love means to you. Kai Benson reports

Love is amazing. Magic. Vulnerable. Tiring. One-sided and biased. Awful. Nonexistant.

Whatever this love thing is, it has people divided. These are just some of the many descriptions of love from the Eyeopener’s annual Love and Sex Survey. We asked Ryerson students about love and sex to find out what you’re into, what you do and how open you are to new experiences.

We asked you again what your favourite postions are. A lot of you seem set on doggy style as your go-to move. Also included were several votes for reverse cowgirl, plainold missionary, and one for something called the twisted transistor — which might not exist, but we’re willing to invent it.

Just over twelve per cent of you said you’re not straight. Many are gay, some bisexual and some are just too awesome or confused to say.

Fifty-two per cent of male students are circumcised, and the penis-seeking students either didn’t care or liked circumcised men, save for a few that like things natural.

The average age of respondants was 20.6, almost onequarter of whom are still virgins. Of those who have had sex, the average age you lost your virginity is 17.2. The fetishes you claimed are varied — anything from a little good-hearted biting, to peeing, to armpits (Which we’d still like explained.) You’ve tied each other up, picked up strangers and been in threesomes and orgies.

The good news is, if you’ve been wanting to try something weird or wild, a full two-thirds of respondants said they would be willing to try new things for their partner.

One last thing — only 63 per cent of you admitted to masturbating. We’re guessing this means about 36.9 per cent of you are dirty, dirty liars.

12% admit to having a fetish

66% Would try something they aren’t into if a partner asked

12% Have given or received anal

15% Have had group sex

18% Have tied up or been tied up by a partner

20% Have picked up or been picked up by strangers

82% Consider their love and sex life “normal”

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