Relax. Take a bubble bath. It’s the only way to cope with stress. PHOTO: DASHA ZOLOTA

De-stress for midterms

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By Nicole Schmidt

During reading week, you convince yourself that you will get some work done, but a regular reading week schedule consists of three things: sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

But the minute it’s over, it dawns on you how much you have to do and that you nowhave successfully wasted an entire week. Midterms, papers, readings, and tests are looming over you and stress sets in. Cue dramatic music.

Don’t worry, you’ll survive. Here are some tips to help you de-stress:

1. Make a to-do list

It’s easy to lose track of due dates when you have so much on your plate. The physical act of writing a list will help you feel more organized, even if you never refer to it later on. It plans out the work load in your mind.

2. Listen to music

Take a break and listen to a few of your favorite songs. The right type of music can lower blood pressure.

Seriously, even science says so. So crank up some tunes, jam and relax.

You’ll feel better and be more productive.

3. Take a bubble bath

You can’t go wrong with a long, hot bath. Dip your head under the water, the sound is really soothing and works wonders if you have a headache.

Once you’re done, you’ll feel relaxed and prepared to tackle the enormous pile of books waiting for you back in your room.

4. Go for a walk

When lighting your textbooks on fire begins to seem like an appealing idea, you need to get away from your desk for a while. Go outside.

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