Gus Cheung from Sunrise Soya Foods (third from left) takes part in an energy efficiency audit led by Ryerson student Raad Seraj (left) and Enbridge Gas Distribution’s Paul Morrison (second from left) in Toronto. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE CANADIAN PRESS IMAGES / CHRIS YOUNG

Engineers team up with Enbridge

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By George Ward

Business owners who are looking to improve their energy efficiency by reducing costs in their day-to-day operations can receive a free assessment conducted by Ryerson engineering and environmental management students.

A newly launched program will give students training from Enbridge, Canada’s largest natural gas distribution company, along with the opportunity to teach businesses in Toronto how to save energy.

By scrutinizing utility bills and conducting on-site energy tests, those that take part will actively learn on-the-job experience in an environment similar to what they may be working in after graduation.

“Participating students have enjoyed putting their skills to use outside of the classroom, knowing that they’re making recommendations that can not only save businesses money but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Chris Meyer from Enbridge.

“We plan to reach out to a minimum of one business every month for the next year and conduct extensive energy audits for each that identify opportunities to use energy more efficiently,” said Meyers.

She also said that their experience shows that personalized attention can make a difference.

“The program is just getting under way,” said Meyer. “Last week we were at Sunrise Soya Foods in Etobicoke where the staff were keen to hear recommendations to reduce their energy use.”

The program allows students to put their energy efficiency research to the test. To ensure the highest quality of work, Enbridge’s energy management experts in energy assessment procedures provide full training, with safety being paramount.

It is hoped that the proactive project will give a valuable insight into the energy saving industry and will bolster future research capabilities in the field.

Enbridge’s energy efficiency programs saved 11.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions between 1995 and 2010, the equivalent of taking approximately 2.2 million cars off the road for a year.

More information about the program can be found on the Centre for Urban Energy’s website.

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