Collin Sideris, Chris Hau, Kyle Widomski and Dylan Dubeau met during their first year in Ryerson’s radio and television arts program. Photo by Jordan White

Ryerson’s YouTube Celebrities

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By Jordan White

When Dylan Dubeau, Collin Sideris, Chris Hau and Kyle Widomski met during their first year in Ryerson’s radio and television arts program, they forged a friendship that would grow into a YouTube sensation, The El Em Eh Show.

“The name is stupid,” Dubeau says laughing. “It’s supposed to be the phonetic spelling of the phrase ‘LMAO,’ we thought it’d be a good idea at the time, but it’s hard for people to search us now.”

The early episodes first aired in August 2010 are sketch-comedies based on the current pop culture topics and quirky skits generated from inside jokes.

Now the show has taken on a life of its own, mostly in the form of parodies.

Their oddball skits often involve crazy costumes. Sideris recalls a skit where he was dressed in an over-the-top outfit when they decided to go to Pizza Pizza. A lady in the store felt the need to express her concerns about Sideris’ attire and told him “that she owned several companies and if he ever came in for an interview she would not hire him.”

Dubeau and Sideris won’t need to track that lady down for a job because they plan on continuing to make videos, but under a different username, “one that’s easier to search.”  There’s money to be made on YouTube because in some cases videos go viral, and Google pays the uploader of the video based on views.

The El Em Eh Show’s videos have been picking up more hits by posting videos based on topics that are trending on social media sites and on YouTube. “The Dark Night” video of theirs has gone viral, with over 100,000 hits, and their “Call of Duty” parody is close behind with around 80,000.

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