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By Lee Richardson

As part of our news coverage this publishing year, we’ve been trying to get a hold of the annual budget of the Ryerson Students’ Union.

‘Trying’ being the main word.

We expected it to be easy enough.

We expected some delays, but not as many as we’ve faced. We have a right to see it, after all. While reporting on the RSU, at the same time we’re still students paying into the union, like every other grad and full-time undergrad.

But this year, the executives have decided that access isn’t a priority.

And for a organization advocating equity and inclusivity, restricting access to how they’re spending your money is a contradiction.

It wasn’t always this way. Having spoken with former Eyeopener editors, we’ve become dismayed to learn that the previous process of seeing the budget involved asking for it, then getting a copy to keep.

Now? Our editor would have to read it in a room with Vice-President Operations Andrew McAllister effectively watching over their shoulder.

No copies go out. No links – for public information, remember – are on the RSU’s website.

Your student union at work, folks. You have a right to see the budget. Want to see it? Ask for it, and keep trying. ‘Trying’ being the main word.


  1. Umm, I have the budget and will be posting it shortly , all 20 pages of it .

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