Meet your RSU candidates for the 2019-20 elections

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By Raneem Alozzi

Four executive and directorship slates for the 2019-20 Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) elections have been announced.

The four main slates Inspire, Candor, Refresh and Rhino Party have begun campaigning on March 6 and have until March 12. You can vote from March 12 to March 14.

Slates will also be running for the vice-president marketing position, which was ratified at the November Semi-Annual General Meeting. Below are the names and faces you’ll be seeing plastered on campus and all over your Facebook timelines.



Adam Asmar – Inspire

Alex Dinh Independent

Vanessa Henry – Refresh

Daniyal Patricio – Rhino Party

Vice-president education

James Fotak – Inspire

Kwaku Agyemang – Refresh

Jonathan Bradley – Rhino Party

Vice-president equity

Jarrett Stoll – Inspire

Naja Pereira – Refresh

Emily Gioskos – Rhino Party

Vice-president marketing

Vihaan Pereira – Candor

Victoria Anderson-Gardner – Refresh

Abeer Tahir – Rhino Party

Vice-president operations

Charmaine Reid – Inspire

Augustine Onuh – Refresh

Angelina George – Rhino Party

Vice-president student life and events

Zaima Aurony – Inspire

Sebastian Saavedra Vidal – Candor

Joshua Wiggins – Refresh

Rafay Syed – Rhino Party


Faculty of Arts (Four available positions)

Vinessa-Marie Hardy – Refresh

Maxwell Irwin – Refresh

Chris Randall – Refresh

Erica Leon – Inspire

Abir Dabbour –  Inspire

Raquel Margulies – Inspire

Amruta Nikte – Inspire

Zalak Patel – Candor

Megha Saha – Candor

Maleha Yasmin – Candor

Ilham Sakina – Rhino Party

Faculty of Community Services (Five positions available)

Haymattie Beer – Refresh

Zaynab Dhalla – Refresh

Gyvenska Mathurin – Refresh

Umer Qureshi – Refresh

Natalie Morrison – Inspire

Naqiyah Motiwala – Inspire

Kealin Bobb – Inspire

Joel N Kuraikose – Candor

Tadiwa Nekati – Candor

Arun Sharma – Candor

Julia Spanguolo – Candor

Faculty of Communication and Design (Five positions available)

Jaden Burton – Refresh

Kristoff Edwards – Refresh

Hung Le – Refresh

Hollie Olenik – Refresh

Noah Levinson – Inspire

Rachel Struthers – Inspire

Kavin Nguyen – Candor

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (Five positions available)

Farooq Arshad – Rhino Party

Flemin Francis – Inspire

Taha Hashemi – Inspire

Omar Kreidie – Inspire

Maryam Marei – Inspire

Mohammed Aadil Mulla – Candor

Umer Jamil – Candor

Gunj Patel – Candor

Faculty of Science (Three positions available)

Melania Tryhub – Rhino Party

Ayan Chhipa – Refresh

Jordan Lanctot – Refresh

Jesse Mahabir – Candor

Parth Patel – Candor

Stephanie Tryhub – Candor

Mathew Mozaffari – Inspire

Will Murray – Inspire

Ted Rogers School of Management (Seven positions available)

Brian Baum –  Independent

Jaspreet Bhangal – Rhino Party

Sarah Jeevanayagam – Rhino Party

Carolina Medina – Inspire

James Hassos – Inspire

Temi Ogboja – Inspire

Anasofia Heilbron – Refresh

Brandon Hughes – Refresh

Milad Moghaddas – Refresh

Matthew Fernandes – Refresh

Tania Rasie – Refresh

Nicole Petroff – Refresh

Arif Rahman – Candor

Siddhanth Satish – Candor

Aditi Jani – Candor


Chairperson (one position available)

Angelique Bernabe – Refresh (acclaimed)

Deputy chairperson education (one position available)

Amber Grant – Refresh (acclaimed)

Deputy chairperson finance (one position available)

Charlotte Ferworn – Refresh (acclaimed)

Graduate representative, deputy chairperson student life and events (one position available)

Ashwingraj Gnanavel – Candor

Alicia Kassee – Refresh

International student representative (one position available):

Melissa Salamo – Inspire (acclaimed)

A previous version of this article stated Dinh was running on Candor due to information on the RSU’s website. Dinh is running as an independent. The Eye regrets the error.

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