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Here are the results for the 2023 student senate elections

By Jake MacAndrew, Racy Rafique and Gabriela Silva Ponte

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) announced the student candidates elected to its senate today.

TMU’s senate holds academic authority and is responsible for maintaining, communicating and implementing institutional policies, according to the senate’s website

Each student senator elected will serve a term from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024. 

Online voting for the positions took place from March 6 to March 9.

The participation rate this year was 1.19 per cent, with 513 ballots submitted and 594 votes cast out of 43,269 eligible voters. 98 people declined to vote.

Nathan Sugunalan and Nourhan Almasri were elected as student senators at-large. They represent all TMU students rather than just the faculty that they’re from.

Five senators—Faculty of Arts senator Simone Cellario, Faculty of Community Services senator Emanuel Tessema, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science senator Sara Afshar and Chang School senators Shanta Ifeonu and Justin Murgai—were elected to acclaimed positions, meaning they were the only ones running for their respective positions.

Here are the senate election results for student members:

Faculty of Arts

Simone Cellario, Sociology (acclaimed)

Faculty of Community Services

Emanuel Tessema, Nutrition and Food (acclaimed)

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Sara Afshar, Civil Engineering (acclaimed)

G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education

Shanta Ifeonu, Community Engagement, Leadership and Development (acclaimed)

Justin Murgai, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management (acclaimed) 

Faculty of Law

Sophie Renee Campbell

Faculty of Science

Hetu Virajkumar Patel, Computer Science

Ted Rogers School of Management

Malka Daniels, Law and Business, Business Management

The Creative School

Paige Erin Fitzpatrick, Creative Industries


Nourhan Almasri, Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Science

Nathan Sugunalan, Geographic Analysis, Faculty of Arts

Yeates School of Graduate Studies

Linda Mensah, Master of Social Work, Social Work

Christopher Randall, Master of Applied Science, Environmental Applied Science & Management

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