RyeSAC won't let this candidate in. Photo: Stefan Woronko

Election rejection

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By Jackie Burns

RyeSAC won’t let a former VP administration candidate run in this week’s election.

Brenda Kritsch, a third-year business student, discussed pulling out of the race ust before the all-candidates debate last Tuesday, Jan. 21, with the election’s chief returning officer Kester Birch.

Birch announces Kritsch’s decision at the debate, although she hadn’t written a letter to officially withdraw.

Kritsch changed her mind before submitting a letter, and wanted back in the election.

Kritsch said she should be allowed to run because she was told she had to make a withdrawal and never did.

However, Birch said he talked with Kritsch about her decision and tried to convince her to stay in the running. “She seemed like she didn’t want to talk about it.” He said she was supposed to come back the same day with her decision, but she never did.

She was told to submit a letter of appeal to the Elections Procedural Committee (EPC). Her appeal was denied. Kritsch doesn’t think the EPC has acted ethically.

“I don’t think that democracy had prevailed,” she said.

David Steele is on the verge of acclaiming the VP administration post.

Frank Cappadocia, RyeSAC’s executive assistant, said Kritsch’s next step would be to send a written letter to President Victoria Bowman.

If Bowman doesn’t overturn the decision, then Kritsch’s last option is to approach the Board of Directors, who has the ultimate say.

“I think the decision to announce my withdrawal was unjustified,” she said. “I’m taking the rap for their mistake in announcing the decision before it was final.”

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