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Happy New Year, RyeSAC… I quit

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By Shane Dingman

RyeSAC lost one volunteer and one full-time staff member, not even one week into the new year.

Resignations of Shannon Murphy, student faculty director for Applied Arts, and Camille McGuire, graphics coordinator, were announced at the Board of Director meeting Jan. 7.

“It’s a volunteer position, I did it for a year … I tired this year. I just don’t have time to devote to the board,” said Murphy, a fourth-year journalism student. She said the workload and stress of school forced her to skip most of the meetings last semester. Members are allowed to legally miss three meetings without penalty.

“I had been talking about it for months,” said Murphy. “Victoria [Bowman, RyeSAC president] wanted me to resign. She said, ‘Look, I’ll write you one, and you can sign it.’ I didn’t much like that, so I just did it.”

Bowman chalks it up to “board attrition” and feels it is quite normal for some board members to stop attending meetings because of school. Bowman said it isn’t a matter of forcing Murphy out despite rumours of tension between the two, noting the board could have legally voted to remove her.

“I waited like six weeks for that letter after she told [the council],” said Bowman.

Camille McGuire also tendered her resignation over the holidays. After several years in charge of promotions at RyeSAC, McGuire suddenly resigned.

“It caught a lot of us by surprise,: said Frank Cappadocia, the council’s executive assistant and friend of McGuire. “For a little while now Camille’s been looking for a new job. I guess she felt she was getting a little stale here, she wanted more than a student government has to offer.”

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