Rye accepts donation

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By Saleem Khan

Ryerson received $12,000 so theft charges against a Metro businessman would be dropped.

But Ryerson doesn’t seem to be concerned where the money is coming from.

“We’re not the donations police,” Bob Crow, executive director of university advancement said. “I was as surprised as anyone to read the Globe and Mail story,” printed last Wednesday.

The article revealed a donation was made by Inline Fiberglass Ltd. for founder Stanley Rokicki.

Rokicki was charged with two counts of theft over $5,000 involving the sale of two Jeeps to a Kazakhstan state farm.

Crow met Rokicki last October. “I was satisfied that Inline is a legitimate company,” Crow said. “The donation looks as good today as it did then.”

His deal is similar to diversion, when minor offenses are settled out of court. But the rules calls for the accused to take responsibility for his actions. Rokicki says he’s innocent.

Ryerson received more than $3 million in donations last fiscal year, ending March ‘96.

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