The First Annual Eyeopener Election Endorsement

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By Douglas Cudmore

I’m just starting out in journalism, but I’ve already learned one lesson — the problem with politics is that it’s mostly politicians involved. That’s the problem faced writing the Eyeopener Election Endorsement — looking at the five bright young men vying for next year’s RyeSAC presidency, it’s hard to choose.

First, I must consider the triumvirate I like to call the Suit Boys — Jason Beyak, Lionel Poizner and Rory Baksh.

Beyak is a theatre student and member of the Reform Party, which gives him a certain tragic Heston-esque quality. Poizner is an engineering student, while Baksh is in regional and urban planning. Other than that, I couldn’t tell you which one is which.

All three would like to sell Ryerson students to the corporate community.

What would business get out of it? Well, in lieu of paying an ethical amount of tax it could pick and choose what it sponsors —  big student events are great advertising, while charitable donations are tax deductible.

Then there is Jarrett Churchill. He’s got a disco Mr. Smith goes to RyeSAC vibe that says, “What the hell, any student could do this.” Of course, most students couldn’t, but it’s a nice fantasy.

Finally, we have current VP administration Angelo DeLuca. For those watching, he has gone on a student-funded trip to Cuba, won himself a pay raise and welcomed washroom ads onto campus. But that just means that he’s already on the executive, so he’s fair game.

DeLuca’s big dream is to take over The Bookstore. But after the purchase of Oakham House, RyeSAC would be left strapped for money and time.

So who will I endorse? I’ll say: nobody. I endorse all student voters spoiling their ballots. Just crumple up your ballot and drop it in the box. Let the candidates know Ryerson needs and endorsable president.

Then complain loudly about the council next year. It’s true democracy in action and it’s what the winner deserves.

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