Visions for Ryerson

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By Lincoln Trudeau

Ryerson may get free TVS next year. But students will have to put up with more advertising.

A Toronto business has negotiated with Metro universities, including Ryerson and U of T, to have “campus televisions” installed in areas of high “student traffic.”

John Corallo, ancillary services’ business manager, said he spoke to the business but wanted to renegotiate the contract in a year. “The recommendation was that the time wasn’t right,” he said.

Corallo would not name the business, saying it asked him to keep negotiations confidential. It’s not clear how much air time would be used for other things. “It was never discussed,” said Corallo.

He said the TVs are being brought in primarily to make more money for Ryerson. “We hope to bring the ads to [the students’] attention,” he said.

Angelo DeLuca, RyeAC VP administration, said if the televisions come to campus, student groups — including RyeSAC — ought to have access to programming to display special events.

DeLuca said the TVs are a good idea, but he has some concerns. “It shouldn’t be just advertising.”

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