Board of Directors still lacks a chair

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By Vanessa Thomas

President Victoria Bowman failed to appoint a permanent chair to the RyeSAC Board of Directors for the 11 meetings since last May.

“Many people would feel it is unprofessional to elect a chair during each meeting,” said Michael Durrant, communications and services manager for RyeSAC. “How would you like a president that was elected every meeting?”

Bowman has appointed six different temporary chairs for the meetings, including Durrant, who has chaired five of the last six meetings.

Ron Querubin, secretary of the board, said, “I do feel the role of a chair should be permanent, because you get used to the chair and then another chair comes in with another style.”

“There’s two months left in the term,” said Bowman. “Why would I make anyone permanent now when Angelo [DeLuca, newly elected RyeSAC president] might have someone else in mind?”

David Steele, course union director and VP administration elect, said, “It keeps the structure more flexible. If he [Durrant] is not available we can’t have a meeting, but since he’s not permanent we can.”

Durrant, with a long history at RyeSAC as student groups commissioner, manager of CopyRite, secretary and vice-president of the board, would accept the permanent position of chair if asked.

“I do an adequate job [as chair],” said Durrant. “I feel I have a lot to offer them [RyeSAC] and I’m honoured that they want to use me to make decisions.”

RyeSAC bylaws allow the Board of Directors to determine an amount, traditionally $50, to pay chairs for each meeting, but Durrant remains unpaid by choice.

“I don’t feel taken advantage of at all,” said Durrant. “I haven’t asked for any money. And honestly I don’t want it.”

Durrant has yet to be asked to chair the next meeting on March 5.


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