Bowman gets slagged for verbal reports

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By Shane Dingman and Sean Fitz-Gerald

The RyeSAC Board of Directors is fed up with President Victoria Bowman not submitting her president’s reports in written form.

“I think it’s unprofessional,” says Ron Querubin, secretary of the Board, “and I’m going to deliver to her a firm request, with the support of the board, to submit written reports.”

Querubin told the board he asked four times for Bowman’s report for the Feb. 3 meeting, but never received it.

Bowman has only written three or four reports out of 11 meetings this year.

For the other meetings she attended, only a verbal report was delivered.

On Monday the board agreed to tell Bowman that her current verbal policy is unacceptable.

“We could refuse her reports. That’d be a nice slap in the face, it just means that we aren’t officially accepting what she’s been up to,” says David Steele, course union director and VP administration-elect.

“When there is a written report you can ask questions without having to worry about writing it down and then forgetting it,” says Sanjay Debhar, campus centre commissioner.

“This board is one of the more slacker boards, in terms of formality,” says Michael Durrant, communications and services manager for RyeSAC. “There has been a problem in the past with people who are too busy, or just don’t care.”

“[The report] just says the president is doing something,” says Michael Wiltshire, VP finance and development. “I don’t think it’s unprofessional and I don’t think [not submitting a report] speaks badly of her in any way. From time to time all of us have missed a report.”


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