DeLuca really wins after ballot recount

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By Krista Lennox

All that trouble for just one vote.

The results of last week’s recount for RyeSAC’s presidential election are in and only one vote was miscounted on election night. Angelo DeLuca is still the winner.

“It was a less than one per cent error,” said Lester Birch, RyeSAC’s chief returning officer. Birch said even though the difference in numbers is small, the recount was worth it.

“It puts everyone’s mind at ease,” he said.

After the recount DeLuca won with 211 votes, while Jarrett Churchill came in second with 156.

Friday morning, after the election (January 31), the results announced DeLuca with 212 and Churchill with 155.

Churchill called a recount due to the difference between those numbers and the ones announced on election night.

At the Cavern victory party the night before it was announced Churchill lost by 19 votes, but by Friday morning after corrections by Birch, Churchill lost by 57 votes.

Although the results were not in his favour, Churchill says he’s happy there was a recount.

“I’m glad we did it,” Churchill said. “I just hope Angelo will make sure this kind of miscalculation doesn’t happen again next year.”

DeLuca said he’s also satisfied with the recount.

“I think it was important that there was no question,” said DeLuca. “Now everyone can be sure.”

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